I have no hesitation in recommending membership of Astro Gymnastics Club. In the past few years the standard of performance from this club has improved immensely. They have a very hard working team of young coaching staff who have been keen to improve their knowledge and coaching abilities. At the same time they have maintained a relaxed and happy atmosphere amongst the gymnasts they are coaching. I have no doubt Astro will continue to go from strength to strength in the years to come, particularly now the club has it’s own, dedicated facility. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all concerned at Astro all the very best for the future in their new facility.

John Hill
Former Scottish National Squad Coach, Acrobatics Gymnastics

Astro GC is a consistently high-performing club at many gymnastics events across Scotland. Always a draw at festivals and competitions alike. Now operating in their own independent gymnastics facility, Astro will continue to take Scotland by storm for some time to come.

Tony McNicoll
National Education & Development Officer Scottish Gymnastics

During my year and half working in the Sports Development team, Astro Gymnastics has been working hard with regards to club development. In my role as Sporting Grant Scheme lead, I have witnessed first-hand the quality, ambition and professionalism of the club leaders and of the club as a whole in the form of applications received over the previous two financial years. The standard of these applications and their place within the club’s over-arching development plan has resulted in West Lothian Council’s Sporting Grant Scheme supporting Astro Gymnastics’ on-going facilities project at Studio 23. Once completed, this facility will be of an exceptionally high standard and will offer a quality environment for both existing and new members.

Furthermore, for the first time, this year Astro Gymnastics members submitted application forms to the Excellence in School Sport Programme (ESSP), which offers further support to talented athletes in West Lothian Schools. This is further testimony to the effort and quality of the coaches and club leaders at Astro Gymnastics and the continued development of the club over its 16 year history.

Jordan Shirley
Sports Development Assistant & PCS Operational Lead, West Lothian Council

As an active schools co-coordinator with a gymnastics remit I have been involved with Astro G.C for around 5 years now. The club has supported any projects/events running which include The West Lothian Schools Gymnastics Competition and also offer taster sessions/open days to children in order to promote Acrobatic Gymnastics. These opportunities have allowed strong school club links to be established and given children the opportunity to take the sport further if they wish to do so.

Kim O’Connor
Active Schools Coordinator, West Lothian

My 5 year old boy has been attending classes at Astro for nearly 3 years and he has really developed over that time. He has progressed from Shooting Stars to the more demanding Freestyle Boys class. He loves being able to jump and roll about without fear of injury to burn off all that boy energy! We love the shooting stars class and now my 2 year old attends those classes. She hasn’t been very confident physically but the classes have really brought her on and now she is swinging from bars and walking along balance beams. She particularly loves the music and our instructor (Louise) makes us all feel happy, confident and enjoy the fun! Astro is a really welcoming club and all the coaches make an effort to get to know the kids and encourage their talents. There is a great family feeling with fund raising events and of course the display every March where you can see the full talents of the club. It’s been great for my young children and even for me when they were able to run adult classes!

Thanks to everyone in the club and long may it continue!

Alison Marr

My child attends pre school gymnastics and although he has only recently started (3 weeks ago) he absolutely loves it. The coaches are really motivational, friendly and energetic and provide lots of positive feedback. The classes are varied every week, which inspires my child to try something new each week. I would definitely recommend Astro Gymnastics – I had heard so many great reviews about the club before my child started I would encourage any parent to allow their child to try it. One very happy boy on a Tuesday speaks volumes.

Shona Hoban

My daughter, Lucy (two and a half) loves her “nastics” class. She’s been coming for about a year and I’ve seen a real improvement in her co-ordination and balance over that time. Plus Lorna always makes sure we have lots of fun! Astro are friendly and really accommodating, especially as I have to bring Lucy’s baby brother to the class too.

Claire Gill

I have watched my daughters learn so many new things in the past year. What Astro offers is so much more than the amazing physical skills my girls have acquired, they’ve grown in confidence, have pride at being part of the club and loved making new friends. All made possible by fantastic, dedicated coaches who make the effort to really get to know the kids who attend.

Nikki Maslen

My son started at 18 months old, and he’s now in the Age 3 class. He loves it. He comes out of his class on a Saturday and says, “that was fun.” My son started off in one of the pre-school classes, and is now in the competition group. Every new achievement is such a confidence boost for him. The coaches and other parents are all fantastic, and very supportive.


Astro are AMAZING! My son Oscar who is 4 year old has additional support needs. He has low muscle tone in his legs and is unstable on his feet and with his co-ordination compared to other 4 year olds. I can’t express how much Sarah and the Astro Team have helped Oscar with his co-ordination, confidence, and stability. He loves coming to the class (we have tried other classes such as football & swimming and he hates it). Sarah is especially fantastic as she is extremely patient with Oscar and reassures him constantly which helps Oscar hugely! I would highly recommend Astro to any family whether they have a child with or without additional support needs. The strength Oscar now has in his legs compared to before, is tremendous as he only started walking at 2 1/2 and I firmly believe without Astro, Oscar wouldn’t have made half the progress he has. Thank you Ladies!

Cheryl Wells

My daughter has been going to shooting stars class at Astro gymnastics for over a year now and just loves it. I had originally thought of it as a good way of keeping her busy on a Wednesday afternoon but now realise it’s much more than that. I can see her skills grow and increase along with her confidence week by week. Looking at what the older children and competition groups do at Astro is truly inspirational and it was amazing to see my daughter take part in the Astronomical show last year, very emotional! This class is much more than a typical preschool activity.

Kate Mairs

I brought both my daughters to gymnastics since they were 18 months and they love coming. My older daughter has had issues with poor muscle tone since she was a baby and gymnastics has really helped this, especially due to the support and understanding of the coaches. They also enjoy the social aspect of the club. I can’t recommend the classes highly enough.

Pamela Mallon

Victoria loves Astro. We have seen her grow and develop over the years and acquire new skills all the time. It has also given her more confidence and self belief. A great place to be ‘Astronomical’.

Graeme Spence,

My 3 children all come to Astro and they love it. Not only have they gained physical strength and flexibility, It has also helped them learn to listen and focus more. It’s such a great exercise and the kid’s love leaping about. Thanks Astro!!

Jennifer Falconer

Astro has given my daughter the confidence of movement despite her disability. She’s thrilled at her own achievements, which is the best thing ever.

Alison Pollock

Astro Gymnastics is a fun and exciting club. I have been here about a year and have really enjoyed it. The coaches are very nice, helpful and caring. It would be great if more people could come along and join us. It is good for little kids because we have classes from pre school upwards and it’s great to help improve their confidence. Fiona is a very helpful coach and helps us to improve on our skills.

Competition Group

I have been going to Astro for about 3 years and it is the best gymnastics club. The coaches are very nice and they have helped me develop new skills and have also developed my confidence. I do some competitions and my coaches have really helped me get to this stage and I don’t know how I could do it without them.

Competition Group

I have been training with Astro for seven years and I feel that I have developed a sense of trust within the team. I also feel I have been challenged to the best of my ability as a gymnast as well as choreographically when learning new routines. Everyone in the team makes you feel welcome and I have created a strong bond with my fellow gymnasts. I enjoy doing the displays and I enjoy learning Fiona’s choreography. My coaches help me to improve the competition aspect of my training and are currently supporting me in progressing my Level 1 Acro Coach qualification.

Competition Group

I am now in my 9th year at Astro. It’s been tough at times but it has been worth it and I’ve achieved a lot throughout the years here at the club. One of the best parts is competing for Scotland and is something I never thought I would do. Astro is like my second home and I’ve developed a sense of trust within the team. All the coaches are very supportive and have believed in me to reach the best of my ability. It has been worth all the years coming to Astro and I hope to continue long into the future with this club 🙂

National Squad Member

I love Astro because I get to enjoy myself and enter lots of competitions. The coaches are nice and will always help you if you need it. We start off in the fun class then get the chance to work harder and being in a trio is a big step for me.

Competition Group

A mazing, S ensational, T alented, R efreshing, Outstanding

One big happy ASTRO family

Competition Group

I have been training at Astro for about one year and we have the most kindest and funniest coaches in the world. At Astro we take part in lots of fun activities like tumbling and acro. If gymnasts need a helping hand coaches are always there for you to help you improve things. I find warm ups and conditioning very challenging but other than that Astro is a very exciting gymnastics club.

National Preparatory Squad Member

I have been training at Astro for 3 years. I love coming here because I am challenged but you can have a laugh at the same time! I enjoy going away with the club to compete and do displays. I have been challenged throughout the years. All the coaches are supportive and have believed in me to reach the best of my ability.

Senior Competition Group

I have been training at Astro for the past 6 years, it is practically my whole life. I have achieved so much and I never want to give up. I have had many challenges to face and I know that these are good to help push me to the best of my ability. All the coaches are very supportive and make sure that I reach my targets. I love being here and it feels like a second home to me. I hope that the Astro family tree never breaks.

Senior Competition Group