Acrobatic Gymnastics combines the skill and activity of the gymnast, expressive movement and artistry of a dancer and the courage and excitement of an acrobat in which gymnasts work in partnerships of 2, 3 or 4.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a modern and artistic gymnastics discipline full of expression, requiring an extraordinary amount of courage and trust amongst gymnasts. These partnerships are constructed in accordance with the gymnasts physical and psychological qualities: the top needs to be aerial, flexible and nimble, while the bases need to be strong, of steady and powerful.

It is a dramatic visual discipline popular with spectators, with routines choreographed to music and including partnership work in five categories of competition:

womens pairs
mens pairs
mixed pairs
womens group
mens group

This discipline is both physically and psychologically demanding. It involves gymnasts working closely together on a 12m x 12m sprung floor, building up trust and responsibility for each other and developing skills in balance and dynamic elements.

Astro Gymnastics have a successful history of competition both in the UK and abroad in recent years.  Our gymnasts begin their competition pathway on the National Development Plan doing acrobatic and individual competitions in club and local competitions then progress onto Scottish Gymnastics competitions then further onto UK wide and abroad.  Many of our gymnasts have competed for Scotland in International events and we have contributed to Scotland winning the Celtic Cup over the last few years.

Entry into our competitive section is by trial or invitation. Gymnasts can enter into this section from the age of 5 years and remain here right into their early 20’s. Competitive gymnasts train between 3 and 15 hours a week across 2 – 5 days.

Many of our recreational gymnasts will progress into the development and competition pathways and we also welcome gymnasts to trial from other disciplines.


This is calculated dependant upon your training hours. Those gymnasts thinking of joining the competitive section need to be prepared for additional expenditure including competition entries, leotards, tracksuit, travel costs.