Astro Club Kit – by Mick Mick designs

ALL CLASSES: Jumper or hoodie to warm up. Bare feet and tight fitted clothing, no football kit or baggy clothes. All jewellery, including earrings, must be removed prior to class (or taped up if recently pierced). Long hair must be tied up securely, preferably in a bun. Gymnasts with a verruca should wear a gripper sock. All gymnasts should have water with them at class. No food is allowed in the gym. Please label all gymnastics kit and water bottles.

  • Acro Gymnastics: Leotard & gymnastics shorts. Gymnasts can wear sports crop tops but a leotard must also be worn, this can be rolled down. Gymnasts can wear a close-fitting t-shirt if they don’t have a leotard but a leotard is preferred.
  • Freestyle, Tumble, Adult and Pre-school: Comfy, close-fitting shorts and t’shirt. Leotards are optional but must be worn with shorts or leggings.
  • Aerial: Close-fitting, long-sleeved top or leotard. Leggings or tracksuit bottoms.


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